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Publié le 4 juin 2014 | par Panta Rei


Tanquinho en faveur de l’arbitrage vidéo

C’est Augusto « Tanquinho » Mendes qui a lancé l’idée sur son facebook après avoir vu trop d’erreurs lors de ce dernier mondial. Pensez-vous que cela est possible de rajouter la vidéo sans « dénaturer » le spectacle?

Le message de Tanquinho :

« The BJJ Worlds is over and among with great fights I saw one thing that made me worried: it was the referees mistakes! I could see over the days a lot mistakes that made athletes lose their dreams, they trained a lot, dieted a lot, get to their limits to have a bad referee take his dream out. I used to referee too and I know that some referees did a great job, but for me looked like you would need good luck to get one of the good referees in your match. Any way, I saw a lot athletes having problems in their matches, independent of the teams that they represented. The referees have been doing great in past years, they got a lot better in all aspects, but for me the last 2 big IBJJF events (Pan and Worlds) they were definitely worst. I saw referees trying to have more attention than the athletes, I saw the IBJJF judge in different way the same situation (Not taking back the result when the referee said that he made a mistake and than taking the results back in other fights) when the mistake was exactly the same, the referee interpretation! If you didn’t have any problems with the IBJJF referees on the worlds I can say that you got lucky! I really hope the IBJJF does something to fix it! Share and leave your comments here! »

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