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The Bamboo Frenzy gi review

The submission FC guy is one of my favorite gi brands. Their gis fit me pretty well and are really comfortable for their price range.
The brand has encountered some problems with their precedent gi, « the hemp sensation » (to make the story short, the guy wasn’t hemp made as claimed).

The newly named « sensation gi » is still one of my favorite gi to roll with and I was totally open to give the brand a new chance with their bamboo made gi (this time done with controls and test of the fibers used for the gi).

IMG_0898 2

I was told the so called « Bamboo Frenzy » gi was even softer and lighter than the « Sensation gi » I loved so much. And…. It’s true! A real pajama!

At first I was a bit worried that the gi was maybe too light to hold with the gym monsters I train with but no worries. It has been two months since I got the gi and everything is holding just fine.

The only problem I encountered was with the pants rope. After some wash-up of the gi, the rope was shattered at one of its extremities. I had to cut it and burn its end. Since doing so, the rope has been holding fine, not a big problem.

IMG_0998 2

Here are some pics of the gi. for your information I’m about 5,9 and 150-155 lbs, It’s an A2 sized gi.

IMG_0902     IMG_0903

IMG_0900 2     IMG_0901 2

IMG_1002 2     IMG_0999 2

Compared to the sensation gi, I find this new gi slimmer. The Sensation gi’s pants were a bit baggy, it’s a problem you don’t have with the Bamboo Frenzy.

I really like this gi and plan to use it a lot this year!

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